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The Studio

Alegría (pronounced ah-lay-gree-a) is a Spanish word that translates to joy or happiness. Alegría is what our work brings to us. It also, coincidentally, translates the last name of each of the artists participating in the Studio - Joy.  At this point there are three of us: Greg Joy, Jennifer Joy and Hana Joy.  Greg’s the boss, Jennifer is the wife (the other boss) and Hana is the granddaughter (also in charge).

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Our Focus

In our studio, we take a moment in time something special and lasting. Good photography is often lost because it is perceived as “common”.  However, good photographs bring back memories and can revive the spirits of a time past.  Our goal is to retrieve great photos from albums and drawers where they are seldom seen and put them onto walls in a manner they can be truly appreciated.  

Our own photographs are of simple scenes, events, beauty and substance that celebrate the shapes, colors, thoughts, and sensations of a time that is now past.  These photographs are developed in a “digital darkroom”.  Some are enhanced or are combined to capitalize on the essence surrounding the fraction of a second in which they were created. We proudly offer these works for sale.  They are produced on canvas and when stretched and framed enhance the décor of any room.  Since their essence is based on a true moment in time, they often spark new conversations and relationships. Currently we are gallery wrapping our canvases around 1 1/4" stretcher bars. The picture size, after being wrapped, is 14" by 20" and will not require a frame.

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Our services

More often than we like to think, valuable photographs become badly damaged,  faded or seriously disfigured.   It is possible for us to restore many old or damaged photographs, whether they are slides, negatives, original prints, or digital images.  Alegría Studio's service will meet your needs whether it is simple retouching and reproducing of original pictures or reworking, enhancing and creating a piece of fine art from one or more photographs. We work with your favorite photographs and create fine canvas prints from them. 

Our Studio also produces layouts for most any publication including newsletters, articles for publication, books and book covers.

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The Artists


is a photographer, digital artist, and free-lance writer and his work is featured on this site. Working with digital pictures, 35mm and medium-format slides or negatives as well as old prints, he digitalizes and transforms pictures into fine art.   His goal is to recreate the feelings and sensations that are present when a photograph is taken. He often combines several pictures, to accomplish this. His work often captures the motion of his subjects.

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is first a writer, then a photographer.  Her photography expresses her love of people and animals. As a writer, she loves poetry and historical fiction.  Currently, she is writing a book on the history of a small settlement in Baja California, Mexico. She has written a book, soon to be published, on remembering Santa Cruz, California where she grew up in the 50's and 60’s.

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is an award winning photographer.  She has won numerous awards including first, second, and third places as well as the People's Choice Award at the El Dorado County Fair and Best-in-Class at the California State Fair.  Hana ( pronoucned Hahna). Currently is a senior at El Doraho High School and has won several awards including the People’s Choice Award at our county fair, and 1st and Best of Class at the California State Fair. "Eventually I would like to be a professional photographer for National Geographic. Right now, however, my pictures are about seeing something others may miss, taking the shot, and learning from what comes out. I would like my pictures to raise awareness about things issues of the day, like pollution or differences in cultures. I want these pictures to captivate people. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see my name above an article in a magazine."

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